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Lover, We Lost the War.


Known for setting up DIY recording studios in unexpected spaces, on Lover, We Lost the War., Richard Cortez doesn’t disappoint. In an improvised space in an industrial warehouse, Cortez recorded five new haunting songs after hours. Playing all the instruments on the project, he ambitiously assumed the roles of songwriter, singer, producer and recording engineer simultaneously. The EP, adorned with five-part harmonies, swells of electric guitar and sparse piano accents, is led by Cortez’ rich baritone voice and strong songwriting skill.

dusty st. amand features richard cortez

photographer/videographer dusty st. amand (of messages and men: los angeles, out, grindr) exposes the honesty and vulnerability of his subjects in the in-between. in acknowledgment of the photo/observation medium, st. amand explores the gender expression of men by catching them with their guard down. richard cortez joins st. amand in his efforts by lending sparse haunting vocals to unexpected cover songs accompanying the stolen moments captured.

for more about dusty, visit www.suchdustyphotos.com or visit his instagram @dusterzdeux.

In one of these clips, artist Sam Waxman appears, muscled body at one point clothed, then in Papi-branded briefs, then wrapped in plastic wrap. All the while Richard Cortez strums his guitar in a soulful, moving take on Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer.”


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Prologue: The Farmer’s Daughter EP

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