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A moment of “writing for fun”, cultivated solo artists, Mishal Moore and Richard Cortez, in becoming We are Baker. We Are Baker powerfully delivers their new single, MXCO/Orchid, in announcement of upcoming release.

Previously, We Are Baker released Prologue: The Farmer’s Daughter. The EP opens with Moore’s ethereal, bone-chilling, haunting voice. ‘Owl’ is a dark introspective on battling depression and emotional instability. The next three movements, are folklore-inspired storytellings of two star-crossed lovers. ‘The Farmer’s Daughter’, ‘The Band’ and ‘The Daughter’, evoke the spirit of traditional-folk and Americana. The project ends with the duo’s signature, “gin-house” blues anthem, ‘Hard Road, Good Living.’ While coming in just shy of 20 minutes, Prologue: The Farmer’s Daughter, will move you to play and experience it, over and over again.



From We Are Baker

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Prologue: The Farmer’s Daughter EP

From We Are Baker

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