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A moment of “writing for fun”, cultivated solo artists, Mishal Moore and Richard Cortez, in becoming Baker. Baker powerfully delivers their debut project ‘Prologue: The Farmer’s Daughter’, a self-recorded/produced EP. The Farmer’s Daughter, showcases prolific and well-constructed songwriting, intimate vocals and euphonious instrumentation.

The EP opens with Moore’s ethereal, bone-chilling, haunting voice. ‘Owl’ is a dark introspective on battling depression and emotional instability. The next three movements, are folklore-inspired storytellings of two star-crossed lovers. ‘The Farmer’s Daughter’, ‘The Band’ and ‘The Daughter’, evoke the spirit of traditional-folk and Americana. The project ends with the duo’s signature, “gin-house” blues anthem, ‘Hard Road, Good Living.’ While coming in just shy of 20 minutes, Prologue: The Farmer’s Daughter, will move you to play and experience it, over and over again.


heartsore: songs for justin is wollenberg record’s 7th independent release by label founder and singer-songwriter richard cortez, available from iTunes, CD Baby and more.

heartsore is a deeply personal narrative on the decomposition of love, the loss of innocence and cortez’ own battles with depression. reckless thrashing electric guitars and moody weeping cellos matched with cortez’ tender and often haunting baritone voice only intensify the experience of devastation and mourning showcased in these 5 original songs. cortez effortlessly emotes gut-wrenching lyrics that seem to have almost been ripped right from the pages a diary or break-up letter.

from explosive epic power ballads “separate ways” and “10,000,” to the sparse and chilling folk-inspired confessional art songs like “wait. i love you, always” and “over, again,” heartsore: songs for justin will resonate with anyone who’s ever loved, lost, and learned to move on.